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Anxiety controls and dominates us. Even the most rational person can become a victim of anxiety. It affects our quality of life and complicates our relationships. Do you find yourself worrying too much about too many things? Are you afraid that something awful might happen or are, in fact, worrying about worrying?

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How Can Biofeedback Help Manage my Stress?

Biofeedback is a fancy way of saying that we look for signals from our biology in order to tell us how relaxed or stressed we are. If we were as observant as Sherlock Holmes, we could possibly perform biofeedback by merely observing one's body language and responses. However, most of use...
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Managing Stress and Anxiety

It's not surprising that any type of stress can affect us. What we often overlook is that this tends to be a cumulative effect that can affect our tolerance for change, our likelihood of getting sick and even how much we might be able to adapt to new problems. This...