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Anxiety, Stress and Worry

Anxiety controls and dominates us. Even the most rational person can become a victim of anxiety. It affects our quality of life and complicates our relationships. Do you find yourself worrying too much about too many things? Are you afraid that something awful might happen or are, in fact, worrying about worrying? Patients interested in determining their level of anxiety and worry can take the Patient Health Questionnaire as part of their treatment orientation.

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How the Body Remembers

Physical symptoms, stress, anxiety, and chronic health care problems are many times overwhelming and difficult to deal with.  Such physical problems are exhausting and solutions many times are hard to find.  Because we believe that doctors and other professionals should have the answers to all of our physical health concerns, we are many times discouraged and upset when such solutions are not found.  It may be that we are looking in the wrong place for understanding what is wrong with us.  Here are a few thoughts that are critical to understand. The Mind-Body Connection Though we many times do not...
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Why Can’t I Stop Worrying?

Many people would describe themselves as "OCD". In reality, many of us aren't suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder so much as suffering from obsessive-compulsive worry. Obsessive-compulsive worry is like a negative spiral. The longer you focus on your anxious thoughts, the deeper you go into them. A hypnotic-like trance is developed by the repetition of these worries. What's important to realize is that obsessive-compulsive worriers tend to be very sensitive, intuitive, and bright people who tend to be more aware of what is happening around them then most other people are. This special ability to "pick up" on things can be scary. It...
Anxiety and depression are a part of our life's journey

How Can I Live the Life I Want To Live While Managing My Anxiety?

Depression, anxiety, and other emotional problems are things that we wish would “just go away.” The frustration in dealing with such problems is that they tend to last longer than we think is appropriate or comfortable. We find that our life goals have had to change as a result of these things. It helps to understand a few key issues in order to live the life you want while managing these problems. Our Wish For a Quick Cure We often expect that in the face of problems we can have a "quick solution". We turn to professionals with the expectation that...

Midlife Crisis – What Are the Signs?

We all have heard about someone having a midlife crisis. Yet we rarely recognize it when it happens to us. Early in our life, we have many hopes and desires about how we want our lives to turn out. We sometimes plan, or just live, expecting that someday we will arrive and have it. Unfortunately, we often live our life as such a fast pace that we end up in crisis. Midlife Crisis in Action By the time we arrive at adulthood, we desire to experience it all. At first, we experience the fun of arriving at adulthood, wanting to live...
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How Do I Sleep when Worrying Keeps Me Awake?

Obsessions and worries can keep one tense, anxious, upset, and unable to stop one from thinking. Most anxious person are aware that their thoughts are irrational but feel unable to stop themselves. Here are a few ideas that might prove helpful in overcoming these difficult times and being able to sleep better. Worrying As An Inherited Habit Worrying robs us of being able to live in the present moment of life. Life gets focused on trying to control the future in some way while worrying that the worse things will happen. Many worriers say that they come from a family of worriers who...
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How Do I Survive Stress and Change?

Counselors, therapists and psychologists know that adjusting to change can be difficult for people. Change can offer us both positive and negative benefits. Understanding the issues of change can help us adapt better. Issues of Change Change is something that is always happening around us. We cannot avoid it. Change can be exciting and stimulating. The lack of stress is stressful and boring. Change needs to be planned for, and anticipated, in our life. Planning helps us deal with it better. Change that happens too fast, and too frequently, can be overwhelming and emotionally draining. Change is something humans want...
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How Can Biofeedback Help Manage my Stress?

Biofeedback is a fancy way of saying that we look for signals from our biology in order to tell us how relaxed or stressed we are. If we were as observant as Sherlock Holmes, we could possibly perform biofeedback by merely observing one's body language and responses. However, most of use aren't that keenly aware of the subtle differences in body language. To compensate for this, we use machines which can measure signals (heart rate, electrical signals, etc.) of our body and turn the results into visual feedback by numbers, sounds, gauges and other information. By learning how to control our physical...
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Managing Stress and Anxiety

It's not surprising that any type of stress can affect us. What we often overlook is that this tends to be a cumulative effect that can affect our tolerance for change, our likelihood of getting sick and even how much we might be able to adapt to new problems. This isn't limited to just unpleasant stress; even good stress can take a toll on our body. One of the common ways a therapist might help you determine how much stress you've actually faced is the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory. The consequences of unanticipated stress can have a tremendous impact on...