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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is an invisible illness that no one else can see. It can be emotionally exhausting, affecting our lives in drastic ways. It can take a tremendous toll on our health, well-being and emotional stability. Considering that it can be difficult to treat and chronic pain affects us physically and emotionally, how we treat and respond to it can make a significant difference in our lives.


Pre-Surgical Evaluations for Chronic Pain

The goal of a pre-surgical evaluation is to determine which patients will have the best chance of responding to surgery. Some patients will be poor responders to surgical intervention regardless of how successful the procedure may be. Here's what you should know. Others may have a better chance of responding...

Treatment and Fibromyalgia

Effective treatment must involve both behavioral/psychological and physical approaches to managing pains. Improvement is a step-by-step process, with periods of relapses and flare-ups, which require the patient being active in their own care. The course of treatment can be slow and take time with a large focus on being able to...
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Fibromyalgia Back Pains

Patients faced with the diagnosis of fibromyalgia are many times left confused by this mysterious disease. This can result in feeling lost and confused, wondering "what is wrong with me?" This is complicated by the fact that many health care professionals know little about this problem or what might...

The Best Way to Take Pain Medication

Over the years there has been a great deal of research and practical experience around the issue of how best to take one’s pain medication. Understanding a few issues might assist you with having the best response to your medications. Society and Medication We live in a society that has mixed...
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The Key Factors That Stop Progress

No one likes to experience pain, injury, limitations, or any chronic problem that interferes with our ability to be fully functional. Many things can stop one from becoming healthy and healing from injury and pain problems. Recovering from any type of chronic health problem requires understanding a number of...
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How to Talk with Friends and Family About Chronic Pain

Sometimes people with chronic pain give up trying to explain things because they feel misunderstood, saying things like, I don’t want to be a whiner, I’m afraid they’ll think I’m a hypochondriac, or No one can understand. So how do you tell someone what it feels like within your...
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Pain Coping Skills

Life is full of stressors, from jobs or co-workers we don’t like, to cars that break down, from teenagers who act out to bills to pay. How anyone copes with stress is important but it is particularly important for people who also suffer from chronic pain. Here’s why. Chronic pain...
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The Real Impact of Chronic Pain

Having chronic pain affects self-image, relationships and interrupts life plans. It constricts physical and emotional abilities. It's frequently not understood or accepted by many people. Often, the person with chronic pain can be judged harshly. Many report feeling angry that the pain and fatigue hinders them from the things they...