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Depression and Sadness

We all experience periods of normal sadness or disappointment from time to time. Where this becomes a problem is when your feelings start to interfere with your life. This can affect a significant portion of your life and affect your future choices if not taken care of swiftly.

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Learning to Endure Conflict, Tension & Emptiness

One of the most important things that human beings can learn to do in life is to endure the hard times. This is not always easy because we are always hoping that things will be comfortable, easy or enjoyable. Other times, we just want to have something to keep...
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Feeling Discouraged, Lost, and Depressed

When we become discouraged, feel lost, are confused, and feel overwhelmed, it is easy to feel like we want all the pain and sadness to stop.  We want to run, to feel no more, and to have our upset, anger, and sadness removed quickly.  Understanding a few issues might...
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Growing Up with Emotional Abuse

When children's development of self-esteem, social skills or capacity for intimacy is jeopardized by their parents' behavior or neglect, they may be the victim of emotional abuse. Whether it is alcohol or other drugs, mental illness, compulsive behavior (eating, working, religion, etc.), or any one of a thousand other...
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How Do I Know if I am Depressed?

One of the most common disorders in the world is depression. It is the “common cold” of emotional disorders and no one is exempt from it. We can deny and run depression, but at a cost. Whenever we try to deny feelings, hold things in, it will come out...
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Do I Have to Take Medication?

One of the more common concerns expressed by patients is about taking medications for depression or anxiety. Many times, we want to be able to do things on our own without the need for something "artificial". Other times, we just have a gut reaction to the thought of having...

How NOT to Talk to Your Doctor

In order to understand how to best talk with your doctor (or psychiatrist, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, or other medical provider), you need to know one very important concept: Your doctor wants to help you! However, as healthcare costs continue to rise, there is a push for doctors to...
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Supplements and Mental Health

Many people are interested in natural methods to help offset the symptoms of mental illness. And who wouldn't be? As such, many people are interested in seeing what might work before (or even while) pursuing a non-natural solution. Below are some of the more common supplements used. The difficulty in deciding...
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How Depression and Fear Affect Men

The psychology of men is hard for both men and women to understand. Some women think that men are chronically intense, angry and controlling. Men insist that they have no idea why women think that they are always intense angry or controlling in interactions. Men feel misunderstood in their...
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How to Choose a Good Psychiatrist

At some point, you may find yourself in need of a good psychiatrist. There are three critical rules in doing this. Understanding the terminology in distinguishing between a psychiatrist, psychologist, and psychiatric mental nurse practitioner is the most important step. Setting your expectations appropriately and not sabotaging your approach is second....