Many insurance companies cover the cost of mental health (also known as “behavioral health”) services. Generally speaking, a therapist (also known as a “provider”) is either “In-Network” or “Out of Network” depending on if they have entered into a contract with your specific health insurance company.

In-Network providers generally cost you less than Out of Network providers. When you are seen, you might have a small amount that you must pay (“copayment” or “coinsurance”) and the provider will file the necessary paperwork to your insurance for you.

For Out of Network providers, you pay the cost of the services up-front, and you get reimbursed by your insurance company. The way this works is that the provider gives you a specialized billing statement (commonly referred to as a “SuperBill”). You submit this to your insurance and get reimbursed directly.

I can bill several insurance panels, including Cigna, FirstChoice Health, MHN, Moda, PacificSource, and Providence. I am happy to provide you with paperwork that you can submit to your insurance if you are out of network. I also offer the option for private pay, which has the added benefit of increased privacy and confidentiality.