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Grief and Loss

Grief and loss are the most difficult things to come to terms with. Waves of unexpected feelings wash over you without warning and can make you feel out of control. Avoiding these feelings can cause more problems in the end, however. Properly facing these issues is an important aspect in healing and recovery from loss.

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What to do When a Parent Dies

When death happens in a family, it seems to change everything. Everyone must make adjustments, work through their grief and loss, and figure out how to continue on life’s journey in a new and different way. However, when a parent dies, regardless of their age, something very different happens. It is really difficult for anyone to really understand how one can feel at the loss of a parent unless they have gone through it themselves. However, with the death of a parent, whether they are young, middle age, or elderly, the emotions experienced by the family is the same. These emotions...