Therapy in Eugene for PacificSource


As a preferred provider for PacificSource in Eugene, Oregon, I am both in-network and can bill under their commercial insurer plans. This means that your health insurance will give you your maximum benefit when seeing me for mental health therapy and counseling.

PacificSource Plans/Networks Accepted: Billings Clinic Employee Health Plan (Tier 1), BrightPath, Legacy + (Legacy Employee Health Plan), Legacy Health, Medishield PSN, Navigator, PSN, SmartAlliance, SmartChoice, SmartHealth (Tier 1), UO Student Health Plan (Tier 2) and Voyager.

How this affects you:  When you schedule an appointment, I will gather your insurance information and check with PacificSource to determine what your copay will be. Then, at each session I will collect your copay or coinsurance and bill PacificSource for the rest. You’ll receive an Explanation of Benefit (EOB) statement from them on a regular basis, detailing their coverage and payment for your counseling. You’ll also want to make sure to bring your insurance card and photo ID with you to your first session.

How often can I be seen for therapy?  PacificSource does not limit the number of times that you can be seen, however generally speaking one appointment every week or two is considered standard.