Relationship Counseling and Marital Therapy

At some point, conflict in a relationship or marriage is inevitable. The important question to ask is whether or not this is turning things towards a crisis. Waiting too long until things are damaged beyond repair is not in your best interests. If the two of you are really in trouble, it is extremely important to make a commitment to work on things in therapy together regardless of arguments, conflicts or other issues the two of you may have. Relationships and marriages are a commitment that both of you are in together. If things are not getting better despite your best efforts, it’s time to seek out professional therapy and counseling. It hurts to discover that your relationship is in trouble. We think that if we hang on, we can “weather the storm”. Yet we can feel alone, isolated, and afraid.

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How Do I Improve My Communication Skills With My Partner?

Learning to communicate together takes practice and time. You have to agree to work on it together and use several important steps. Understanding these important steps will help improve communication between you and your partner. Allow for Alone Time Do not try to communicate with your mate immediately upon their coming home. Give each other some time and space initially. Don't try to solve all your problems at one time. Know that it is fine for you and your mate to have time alone. Some time alone is necessary to wind down from work. This time alone though should not...