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Managing Panic Attacks

Panic and anxiety can impact anyone at anytime. It can convince us that we are out of our mind, that we are dying, or that something physically is wrong with us. Estimates are that about 1 in 30 people experience significant panic at some time in their life. However, panic is as much a fight of the mind as it is of the body; finding your way towards balancing this equation often requires professional advice and guidance.

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Controlling Your Next Panic Attack

Steps to control panic attacks are ironic. On the one hand, they are simple and straightforward. On the other hand, they are the most difficult to follow through with.  Here are some of the most critical steps in controlling your next panic attack. First, admit that you are feeling anxious. Accept your body feelings as symptoms of your anxiety and a sign that something is bothering you. Try to figure out what is really bothering you. Is it some type of conflict that you don't want to deal with? Is it a scary thought? Is it a ridiculous expectation you have...
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What’s Wrong With Me? The Logic of Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be overwhelming and exhausting, leaving us feeling out of control. You can feel your own heart beating in your chest, you start feeling numbness or tingling in your arms or legs, and you suddenly find yourself afraid of going crazy, dying or possibly losing control.  This cycle can grow and become a vicious circle from which it seems as if there's no escape. Understanding what is happening and the fears behind panic can help us to better control ourselves. So, what causes panic attacks? As hard is it is to hear, you cause it! Nothing outside of you causes...