It can be very difficult to control one’s anxiety. Often, this comes from two surprisingly positive aspects of personality: Intuitive awareness, and Vivid creativity.

Intuitive Awareness

Anxious people tend to possess a “special intuitive awareness” of the world around them. It is an ability to sense what others may be feeling, even without words. Often there is a concern for not wanting to offend others, holding in feelings, and an awareness of what is going on at “multiple levels of consciousness.”

Anxious people tend to believe that they are “over-reacting” to what they sense from others. As a result, there is a further incentive to hold in, and not talk about, what one is experiencing or sensing from others. There may be a tendency to be aware of what others are feeling even before the other person is aware of what they are sensing. Anxious people sometimes can “pick up multiple feelings, emotions, “minds” of others” causing a sense of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

Anxious people may not always know that they have this special intuitive sense. As a result they have not developed ways of focusing this awareness through the use of “psychological blinders.” There may even be an enjoyment of being able to “play with the wandering awareness and intuition” at times without knowing how to fully manage it.

Vivid Creativity

Anxious people are also very visual and creative people who have a unique sense of drama and excitement. They tend to see “the big picture” of events in all its dramatic details, sometime much more than is intended. When a situation is described, an anxious person will look at all the details rather than giving a description of the situation being presented to them. Anxious people “see beyond” the situation in such dramatic depth that extensive details are “visualized in living color.”

Though such “special abilities” can create excitement, it also can become overwhelming when the anxious person “visualizes too much.” Sometimes the anxious person is able to visualize several situations together becoming confused about what is causing them to become anxious. They can talk of one situation as upsetting when it is really the other situation that is more of a concern.

How to Manage It All

It is critical that you have more compassion for yourself and all that you have to manage because of these special positive traits. It is critical to learn how to use “special blinders” to focus on one thing at a time. You must learn to identify what you are feeling and put it into words so that both you, and others, become more aware of what is happening at that point in time.

Learn to “not contaminate” one situation with feelings from another feeling. Value your dramatic, creative, intuitive, acute awareness as something special that you can use in productive ways. Watch any tendency to “over-dramatize” what you are experiencing. Guard against any desire to blow things up into more than they should be, or are.

Photo credit: Free-Photos/Pixabay