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Careers in mental health

Careers in Mental Health

I have been frequently asked about what it takes to become a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist or a clinical social worker. Many people are interested in becoming a therapist, or mental health professional. Ironically, there are not many places to find the answers. My goal is to shed some light on this and answer some of your questions. In general, you must go to four years of college to get a B.A. or B.S. (Bachelor's) degree. This is the general preparation for entry into professional graduate education which starts AFTER you have completed college. Many students will major in psychology or...
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Correlation vs. Causation

We've all heard the phrase, correlation does not imply causation. Unfortunately, we rarely understand this phenomenon and are often mistaken by what we often label as evidence after examining the data. Sometimes both are referred to as cause and effect, which is potentially misleading. What exactly do we mean by correlation and causation? Let's examine one interesting fact: In the United States, the number of ice cream cones sold is directly related to the amount of home burglaries. In other words, there is a correlation between the number of ice cream cones sold and the number of thefts from home residences. If...
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Rates Slashed for Regence Oregon Psychotherapists

Back in early 2015, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield announced that they would be cutting provider reimbursement rates by up to 30%. This rate reduction would affect mental health practitioners across the board at both the master's and doctorate level. Now, Mental health professionals have always had a difficult time when dealing with insurance companies. Rates are not reimbursed at the same level as other medical services, and until the Mental Health Parity Law, sometimes counseling wasn't even covered at all. However, a decrease in reimbursement rates is just confusing. The most distressing issue with this change is how it will indirectly...