Are You Feeling Stuck?

Recover from the Struggle of Depression

Depression is an intense mood where one feels sad or unmotivated. Sometimes guilt or anxiety is also present. For some, they feel an incredible sense of being worthless, unlovable, or helpless exists. While these feelings may lift from time-to-time, they always come crashing back on a predictable and regular basis.

Learn to Let Go and Stop Worrying

Worry is a mental chain of thinking that is persistent, repetitive, and uncontrollable. Worry mostly focuses on the uncertainty of the future. When we worry, we are afraid that bad things will happen. We plan over and over in our head various solutions to our problems. Yet, we never seem to find any relief from our fear of uncertainty.

Relationship & Marital Issues

When asked about what we want most from our partner, we say “communication”. But what does that really mean? If we don’t have a roadmap to learn how to identify the stumbling blocks towards getting better together, it can end up feeling like we’re making no progress together at all.

Build Self-Compassion

If you find that you’re your own worst critic, you might be suffering from a lack of self-compassion. It can be hard to change how we talk to ourselves, especially if we believe that everything we think about ourselves is true. Learning how to deeply care about yourself can seem, at times, counter-intuitive.

Reducing Perfectionism

You might think that you’re being rational and realistic, but in fact you’re exhausted. The standards you expect from yourself are WAY beyond those that you use for other people. As a result, you end up making things worse for yourself and get in your own way.

Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)

Obsessions are recurrent and persistent thoughts, urges, or images. They are experienced as intrusive and unwanted, and cause anxiety or distress. We try to ignore or suppress these thoughts or images with little success.

Compulsions are repetitive, somewhat stereotyopic, overt rituals, or they can be mental acts. Most often compulsions are triggered by obsessions. We feel compelled to perform the compulsion until we have reached a state (reduction of anxiety; a feeling of certainty; sense of completeness, safety/security; or a “just right” feeling).